Your nails and hands are taken care of during a manicure. The nails are modeled, the cuticles are taken care of for and the nail plate is smoothed.

Gel Polish combines nail polish and gel into an absolute must have. The Gel Polish hardens under the UV lamp, the top layer provides an absolutely high-gloss, scratch-free protection that lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. And all this on your natural nail! Also suitable for the toenails. What is also very nice about the Gel Polish: you can leave the salon with dry, beautiful nails. No hassle with bumping and damaging because the nails are cured under the UV lamp and therefore immediately dry. You can choose from different colors of gel polish.


Manicure Base: 30€
Manicure + Polish: 40€
Manicure + Gel color: 50€
Remove gel: +5€